Positions Available

Interested in applying for one of the positions listed below?
Please email the following to campmoonriver@savcds.org:

► Junior CITs and CITs

► Camp Counselor

Commonly asked questions:

1) "Do I need to commit to the entire summer?"

Great question!

Here is how we are looking at our summer staffing:

  • We are seeking staff who are able to work all summer, and there will be a financial bonus for those who can.

  • All things equal we will likely hire a person that is able to work all summer over a person that cannot work all summer.

  • To accommodate those who can’t work all summer, we request a 4-week minimum commitment (to help ensure consistency throughout the summer.)

  • For GREAT candidates who are unable to commit to 4 weeks, we may still be in a position to hire. It would likely be as a substitute or to fill in a gap so the offer may come last minute.

2) "What will I get paid?”

Answer: Pay is largely determined by 3 factors:

  • The position

  • Your level of education (year in high school, recent high school grad, in college, post-grad).

  • Applicable experience


Working at summer camp is not about the money. You will likely earn more money for fewer hours in almost any other job. If money is your number 1 priority, Camp Moon River will probably not be for you.

3) "Will you work with me to create an internship or to get college credit?”

Answer: Yes! We will be happy to do all we can to work with you on an internship, complete forms, etc. to help you achieve your requirements and goals for college. Let us know well in advance what you are looking to achieve.