Positions Available

Interested in applying for one of the positions listed below?
Please email the following to campmoonriver@savcds.org:

► Junior CITs and CITs

► Camp Counselor

Commonly asked questions:

1) "Do I need to commit to all 8-weeks?"

Great question!

Here is how we are looking at our summer staffing:

  • We are seeking staff who are able to work all 8 weeks, and there will be a financial bonus for those who can.

  • All things equal we will likely hire a person that is able to work all 8 weeks over a person that cannot work all 8 weeks.

  • To accommodate those who can’t work all 8 weeks, we are seek a 4-week minimum commitment (to help ensure consistency throughout the summer.)

  • For great candidates who are unable to commit to 4 weeks, we may still be in a position to hire. It would likely be as a substitute or to fill in a gap so the offer may come last minute.

2) "What will I get paid?”

Answer: Pay is largely determined by 3 factors:

  • The position

  • Your level of education (year in high school, recent high school grad, in college, post-grad).

  • Applicable experience


Working at summer camp is not about the money. You will likely earn more money for fewer hours in almost any other job. If money is your number 1 priority, Camp Moon River will probably not be for you.