Camp Counselor

Reports to: Head Counselor, Camp Director

Oversees: Works with JCITs and CITs to oversee Campers throughout camp


  • Pre-camp training is Wednesday 5/29, Thursday 5/30, and Friday 5/31

  • 8 weeks of Camp

    • Week 1: June 3rd -June 7th

    • Week 2: June 10th - June 14th

    • Week 3. June 17th - June 21st

    • Week 4: June 24th - June 28th

    • Week 5: July 8th - July 12th

    • Week 6: July 15th - July 19th

    • Week 7: July 22nd - July 26th

    • Week 8: July 29th - August 2nd

  • 8:00 - 5:00 PM

  • Weekends off


Please note: Counselors, CITs, and JCITs will check their devices/phones at the door.  All staff will be given radios for communication/safety. If this is problematic, this is not a position for you.  Phones may be retrieved for breaks and when leaving camp. Smart watches are allowed, but must be in airplane mode during camp

Camp Moon River Counselors are the primary caregivers for each camper, and have the opportunity to inspire, comfort, support, and lead by example.  Counselors have the potential to be super heroes. Counselors are responsible for carrying out activities while guiding campers in their personal growth.

Counselors should be interested in working with children and possess maturity, flexibility, a strong work ethic, and the ability to have fun. Counselors will be assigned to either a Program Specialist, a bunk of campers, and in some cases, both.


Counselors must have at least completed senior year of high school and be 18 years old.

Must complete First Aid/CPR training.

All applicants will complete 2 interviews.

Counselors must have a successful background check on file.

Upon hire, Counselors will complete mandatory training prior to the first day of camp.

Counselors will

  • Be a role model to campers and fellow staff in attitude, outlook, actions and behavior.

  • Assure campers are properly supervised at all times.

  • Be aware of and implement safety guidelines.

  • ­Be responsible for leading or assisting with the teaching of activities.

  • ­Actively participate in all program areas as assigned and provide assistance and support to Program Specialists.

  • Maintain high standards of health and safety in all activities for campers and staff.

  • Provide the daily care of each camper within your supervision including recognition of personal health needs.

  • ­Ensure that campers receive their medications from the camp nurse as directed.

  • Help campers resolve conflicts.

  • Be alert to campers needs and assist them with personal and/or health problems; discuss with Head Counselor, Camp Nurse and Camp Director as appropriate.

  • ­Be alert to equipment and facilities to ensure utilization, proper care, and maintenance is adhered to; report repairs needed promptly to Head Counselor(s).

  • ­Follow and uphold all safety and security rules and procedures.

  • Set a good example to campers and others in regard to general camp procedures and practices including sanitation, schedule, and sportsmanship.

  • Provide supervision while campers are transported to and from scheduled camp field trips off of camp property.

  • Represent the camp when interacting with parents or community members.

  • Provide parents appropriate feedback and information as needed for their campers to have a successful camp experience.

  • ­Follow safety and security protocols when campers are in public while presenting a positive image of the camp.

  • Make the camp a fun place to be by actively participating in all activities as assigned.

­Physical Aspects of the Job

Ability to address stressful situations appropriately in a fast-paced interactive environment.

Some physical requirements of a counselor position could be endurance including prolonged standing, some bending, stooping, walking, jogging or running, hiking, climbing, and stretching; requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity to manipulate outdoor equipment and camp activities;  requires the ability to lift up to 50 lbs; willing to work irregular hours; and with daily exposure to the sun, heat, and bugs.