Camp Moon River celebrates, values, and respects the differences among us.

This means getting to know each other as human beings, respecting privacy, clarifying boundaries, being accountable for our behavior and making amends when we make mistakes, refraining from sharing experiences that aren’t ours to share (not participating in gossip), and being generous when we interpret the intentions, words, and actions of others.

We can be different.
We can believe differently.  
We can celebrate differently.  
We can disagree.

We can do all of these things with respect, with civility, and with a sense of each other’s humanity.

At Camp Moon River, we take strides to:

  • treat people as they would like to be treated, also known as the “platinum rule

  • make a sincere effort to “do better when we know better.”

All CMR Crew Members are responsible for ensuring that they behave in an appropriate manner, showing respect for fellow staff members, campers, and others working alongside or engaged with the CMR community.

SCDS Diversity Statement

In accordance with our mission, core beliefs, and strategic plan, we seek to foster and affirm a diverse and inclusive community at Savannah Country Day School. Members of this community reflect varied and multi-faceted backgrounds and identities and acknowledge these differences with sensitivity and respect. This community is critical to nurturing a sense of belonging in each student and inspiring lifelong intellectual and personal growth in all.