We've Got Answers (FAQ)

Scroll below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Do you have a question not on our list?  Email us: campmoonriver@savcds.org and let us know your question!  Thank you!

What are the regular camp hours? (subject to change depending on theme of the week.)
Click here for camp hours

Do you offer Extended Care?
Yes!  Extended Care may be selected in the registration process for applicable camps.

Morning Wait: $30/week: 7:30 AM-8:30 AM
After Care: $30/week: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Both: $50/week
Late Fee: You will be charged $2.00 per minute per child for every minute after 5:30.

Do you offer financial aid, scholarship, or financial assistance?
We do not.  We do offer multi-week discounts.

How do I check to confirm what camps we have registered for our child(ren?)
CLICK HERE to see your family's ACTIVE registration account.

I didn't have a chance to fill out the Camper Information Form when I registered.  Where can I find it now?

CLICK HERE to see your family's ACTIVE registration account.  It will show you what forms are still needed from you prior to the first day of camp.

What happens when it rains or if it is extremely hot?

The fun doesn't stop! We always have a plan B.

What is your policy on screens (apple watches, mobile phones, tablets etc.?)

Camp Moon River at SCDS is an intentionally device-free zone. Campers should not bring mobile phones, iPads, Apple Watches, or anything with a screen to camp. If you need to reach your child for some reason or vice versa, the camp line is open for this purpose. If a child brings a screen/device of any kind, we will hold it in the camp office. Camp Moon River is not responsible for lost items of this nature. Please leave them at home.

Fitness trackers are permitted if they do not become a distraction.  CMR is not responsible for lost fitness trackers.

What about sunscreen and bug spray?
In the morning before you send your child to camp, please liberally apply sunscreen and bug spray.  Please send the sunscreen and bug spray to camp and we will re-apply during the day. Please put your child's first and last name on the sun-screen and bug spray (and anything sent to camp).
CMR will have sunscreen and bug spray on hand to apply as needed to all campers. If you only want your child’s personal sunscreen and bug spray applied, please be sure to notify us.

Do we send a lunch?
Yes, please send a lunch every day in a soft-sided cooler with your child's name on it. Please include water/juice/milk.  Please do not send candy or soda. Camp Moon River is a peanut-product free zone. Please do not send peanut butter or peanuts in your child’s lunch. If you do send a peanut alternative we would appreciate that you mark it with a note so we do are not unsure for our campers with allergies.

May I pack peanuts or peanut butter in my camper's lunch?
Camp Moon River is a peanut-product free zone.

Please do not send any items with peanuts or peanut butter in your child’s lunch.

If your child has eaten peanuts or peanut butter  prior to coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands have been thoroughly washed prior to entering school.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please contact campmoonriver@savcds.org.

What about other nuts?

Each camper and staff member brings their own lunch. It is possible that nuts other than peanuts may be present in other people’s lunches. At CMR we provide 2 snacks a day. They do not contain any nuts, but they may have been packaged in a plant where nuts are present. If this is a concern, please send your camper with 2 personal snacks each day.

What should my camper bring/wear each day of Camp Moon River?
(ALL ITEMS must have camper's name written clearly on them).

All campers should wear:

  • bathing suit (unless instructed otherwise)

  • shorts or bathing suit trunks

  • CMR T-shirt

  • socks & sneakers

  • Sun-screen

  • Long hair should be in pony-tail

  • Recommended: hat or visor

All campers should bring:

  • Underwear for changing after water play/water slides

  • Shorts (if camper wore bathing suit trunks to camp)

  • Lunch in a soft sided cooler

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • water shoes/flip flops/crocs

  • sunscreen

  • bug spray

We recommend "a bag in a bag."  Put bathing suit, towel, and water shoes in draw string bag or plastic grocery bag.  Place in a small back pack along with soft-sided cooler,  water bottle, sunscreen and bug spray. Having a bag for wet clothes is exceedingly helpful.

What if my camper forgets his/her lunch, towel, or a water bottle?

You may bring any items to your child later in the day. Please bring the item to the Camp Moon River office located in Pressly Hall (the Lower School Building). We keep a few things on hand just in case.

Does your camp have a nurse?
Yes, we have a Camp Nurse who will manage our Camp Moon River Health Center and distribute each camper's personal medication as needed. The nurse is on hand to meet the special health needs of campers and staff as is reasonable in a summer camp infirmary. The nurse and camp director will determine if a child needs to go home or requires emergency medical services. Parents/guardians may inquire about the ability of CMR to meet the specific special medical needs of their child(ren) prior to registration. If we can, we will. At this time, we have one nurse on staff. If a child needs 1:1 care, it will need to be provided by an aid/helper hired by the parent/guardian.

What are the essential functions that my child needs to have to be successful at Camp Moon River?

(The exception to these requirements will be if the camper comes with a qualified aid* to support them 1:1.)

Camp Moon River campers need to

  1. self-toilet and provide his or her own self-care.

  2. be ambulatory.

  3. have a certain aptitude in communication.

  4. be able to follow basic instructions and cope with a structured schedule.

  5. be able to understand and reasonably follow the rules of camp.

  6. be able to make reasonable choices that keep themselves, other campers and the CMR Crew safe.

*The camper’s aid will need to have a successful background check on file with SCDS/Camp Moon River prior to the first day of camp.

What happens if my child gets sick during camp or the weekend prior to camp and can't attend one or more days of camp?
We understand that kids get sick. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, credits, or prorated amounts when there is less than one-week notice.  This is because we plan accordingly for all of our campers with staffing and supplies. 

Can my camper attend multiple weeks?

Absolutely! In fact, if you commit your child to multiple weeks when you register, you will receive an automagical discount on each week of camp. The more weeks, the greater the discount!

What is your tax ID number?
The SCDS Tax ID: 58-0655290

May we switch weeks?

Yes, you may as long as it is a week or more away from the camp date you plan to transfer and there is room in the week into which you are looking to transfer. Requests must be in writing to: campmoonriver@savcds.org.  There will be a $25 late change fee for transfers with fewer than 2 weeks notice but more than one week.

May we request that our camper be with a friend(s) or a specific counselor?

Sorry. We are not in a position to honor requests.  A big part of camp is getting to know new people!  If there is a known concern about a particular camper or counselor, you will have the opportunity to let us know in the registration, and we will do all we can to provide support.

Does my child need to be an SCDS Student?

No. We welcome and encourage students from all over to join us at Camp Moon River! We are delighted to have campers from all schools including home-schooled students and those visiting family in the Savannah area during the summer! Last summer about 40% of our campers were non-SCDS students.

What if my child does not know anyone at Camp Moon River or SCDS?

No worries!  Camp is all about making new friends.  By the end of day one, your child will have a lot of new buddies!

Do you have a multi-child or sibling discount?

Sorry. We do not offer a "multi-child/sibling" discount.
We do offer a multi-week discount .

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